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by Dakota Beer Pub
Craft Beer

Let me save you the trouble…OF COURSE!

Yes, temperature matters the most, but using the wrong glassware can affect the whole drinking experience!

Here’s why…

The shape of the glass plays a double role: it allows most of the carbon dioxide to escape and enhances the aroma, as well. So different glasses, bring out different flavours.

Apart from that, it’s not mere coincidence that some of the regions known for internationally acclaimed beers, are also known for their glass production!

European regions, in specific, have an extended variation of beer glassware. In Belgium, you even have the right to return your beer, if it’s
not served in the proper glass!

“A pint glass or mug is made for gulps of low-alcohol session
beer, while a smaller-mouthed glass forces smaller, more
concentrated sips.”

Also, try not to drink your beer from a can or bottle, instead pour it straight
down into your glass to activate the carbonation and its foamy head,
making sure that you are getting the most out of your brew!

Enjoy the rewards of drinking a frosty beer from the correct glass and let your
senses experience the whole drinking process.

Still not convinced of the difference that it makes?

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