Dakota Beer Pub

Our Dakota aircraft landed on 33rd Street, 13A, near the old and historic Hellenic Airport.

The view of the plane itself is stunning. To have an aircraft in your garden, to be able to admire every detail, to have the opportunity to touch it and to imagine the adventures and flights is exciting!

Dakota aircraft has travelled all over the world!
Flying through the sky, seeing places that we can only dream of, and being flown by brave pilots.

People have welcomed Dakota’s flights and many other have heard the engine roaring as the Dakota aircraft took off for distant lands on difficult missions.

Our Dakota is flooded with emotions. This aircraft has heard many wishes and prayers for a safe return. It travelled all around the world and fought in distant lands, while always returning safely!

At some point, the Dakota aircraft made its final flight. It could no longer be in the sky. Before the Dakota aircraft was destroyed, like many other decommissioned aircraft, someone heard the engine buzz and decided to honor the aircraft! He didn’t want the plane to go off the radar! So he bought our Dakota!

He placed the aircraft near the old historic airport of Elliniko. He set it high in the sky in the center of a beautiful garden where everyone can admire it. Such an airplane should always be in the air!

He named our Beer Pub Dakota, in honor of the aircraft. We share unique moments every day under Dakota’s wings in the garden, next to the fountain, in the summer, and inside the warm pub during winter.

Dakota Beer Pub can take you on a tasty trip through traditional sausage dishes, which we import exclusively for our clients from the Czech Republic. The exquisitely crafted Dakota beers that we produce in our small brewery accompany our amazing dishes. Our microbrewery is located underneath the plane’s runway!

We cannot wait to welcome you and make sure you have a great time!

Book your Flight Seats: 210 – 96.35.416

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