Dakota’s Beer Brewery !

Craft beer experts, like you, recognize when a beer is unique. At Dakota Beer Pub, we know how to make great Czech craft beer!

Beer for Czechs is more than a drink; it is a part of the Bohemian culture. It is pure love and passion. The Czechs say their beers are by far the best in the world. There are so many reasons, and we are going to tell them all to you, one by one!

The first secret starts from underground!

Every castle and every monastery in the Czech Republic had its brewery underground! It was not just to hide beer barrels from the eyes of the local lords and fee collectors, who were demanding a share of the liquid gold! It was also because the subsoil is colder and dark. These two points were basic for everyone who wanted to brew and then to store, the beer! Because temperature affects beer’s quality.

Dakota’s Brewery is underground too!

The Dakota’s Beer Pub brewery is also located in the basement of the pub, underground, in the Elliniko region, near the metro station. Going downstairs, you start feeling the chill. As you open the door to enter the brewery’s lobby, the cold is now undeniable! Every step you take, and every move you make going from one place of the brewery to another, following the nine stages of beer production, the cold intensifies.

The fermentation tanks we use at our brewery in the Elliniko region for the production of Dakota beers are made of stainless steel.  Modern equipment allows our brewer to produce authentic craft beer, without any preservatives and no carbonation added.

Dakota beer is a perfectly natural craft beer!

At each of the nine stages of Dakota’s beer production, a lot of checks and analyses are performed. This is because we want every batch of Dakota beer to have the same quality characteristics as the previous batch and all the next ones, as well.

Moreover, we are very proud to succeed at it, every time! Enjoy!

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Craft Beer

« We are proud of our brewer ! »