Dakota Craft Beer

Barley (malt), hops, yeast and water! These pure ingredients, abundantly found in nature, with proper processing and fermentation, give us the most natural drink in the world, craft beer.

Dakota’s craft beers, which we produce in our small brewery in ​​the Elliniko region, contain no preservatives or chemical additives. We brew beers every three (3) months and our beer stays alive, pure and fresh in the copper bins of our beer storage until the last drop.

Dakota beers have a shorter life span, and an amazing taste!

In order for a microbrewery to be called a craft, its owner needs to be independent of multinational beer companies! Our small brewery is 100% independent and completely traditional, both in the way its beer is produced and in the culture around it!

Small beer production is important to us. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and passion for beer. We are also excited to learn, new ideas. Get to know our peers. Rejoice with their own experiments on taste, production, and mixing. Talk about brewing tanks, fermentation techniques and aromas.

At Dakota Beer Pub, we believe that all of us lovers of authentic flavors need to promote our love for craft beer to others. We want to contribute with our knowledge to improve and to raise the quality of beer in Greece. We appreciate the Czech culture and history of brewing beer. We love the taste of Czech beer, and we know how to drink beer in moderation! Aiming for enjoyment!

We want a festive atmosphere, relaxed evenings and afternoons with our glasses full of fresh craft beer Dakota, in the wonderful summer garden, and in the warmth of the room in winter. Of course, we also want to savor different delicacies!

At Dakota Beer Pub one can find the ultimate beer tasting experience, not only because of our cool, fresh beers, but also because of our traditional Czech sausages that accompany them!