by Dakota Beer Pub

Dakota is a brewpub in Athens that brews beer.

Our customers rate craft Dakota beers with 5*.

Brewing is a simple natural process. We take malt, water, yeast and hops and we make an extraordinary golden liquid. This liquid is called craft beer. Why do we brew? Because we are passionate about handcrafted beer. We truly believe, that the process of making craft beer is more art, than science. We love to balance the aromas and we are very excited to make our own unique and special craft beers in our small microbrewery. Dakotas’ microbrewery is located on the basement of the pub.

Why is it called a microbrewery? Is it based on the size of the brewery? A microbrewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer and is always independently owned.

We built our own craft brewery because we are passionate about making craft beer using old traditional ways and recipes. We emphasize the quality and the flavor of the beer.

At Dakota Brewpub we make two types of craft beers only. Why do we make just these two types of beer? Because we want our beers to be extraordinary! We give the process all the time it needs. We use an old Czech recipe; and brew it by the old traditional way. We also have an excellent brewer who knows all the secrets of Czech craft beer and all the traditional secret ingredients to turn a liquid into something amazing.

One brewery – two types of beers !

The blonde Dakota and the black Dakota beer we produce at Dakotas’ brewery, rated with 5* from the customers!

They always enjoy our craft beers! The aromas, the foam, and the taste of our craft beers, make us very proud.

In our brewery we do not use any kind of preservatives. We use no chemicals. No substitutes. Just barley and hops, from bohemian countryside, yeast, and Athenian crystal-clear water. And of course, we have the experience of several years of brewing and the love for the craft beer idea.

At Dakota Beer Pub you will taste excellent craft beer, like in a typical Czech brewpub in Prague! Please visit us, to enjoy our beers and share with us your craft experiences. We always like good stories along with great craft beers.

As a local, at Dakota Beer pub which is located in the southern suburbs of Athens near IlioupoliArgyroupoli and Glyfada, you will taste the best craft beer in Athens! As a tourist in Athens, looking for a craft beer pub, you will enjoy the best craft beer here, at Dakota Beer Pub, near Elliniko metro station.


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